Friday, March 4, 2011

No Time For This Blog

It's been a few months since I have written on my blog. The reason it's been a while is because currently I am busy making cake balls. I am not complaining at all because I do appreciate the work. Right now the only social media I have time for is Facebook. Thank you for interest and have a wonderful day.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Princess Cake Pops for Zariah

Princess Cake Pops !

 We created cake pops for little Ms. Zariah's Princess themed birthday party.  

The cake pop flavors selected for little Ms Zariah's party were:

 Almond berry cake balls hand-dipped in Chocolate and topped with a purple swirl of vanilla flavor.

Fudge 'n' Caramel cake balls hand-dipped in a confectioner's coating of purple with a vanilla flavor. 

We added colorful candy sprinkles of pink and purple. And topped all the purple cake pops with a candy crown.

After a fun time of opening gifts and eating cake pops,  Princess Zariah and her BFF's had to work the runway with a fashion show.  

Future Diva's in training

Thank you Zariah for incorporating Cake Balls by Nikki into your Princess Party !
Photos by Aamanee Hamid

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cake Pops & A Pajama Party with Chilli of VH1 "What Chilli Wants"

 Tami Reed ( Entertainment Blogger ) of " Talking with Tami ) contacted me regarding creating some Cake balls for Chilli's PJ party, she thought it would be a great dessert for the party.

Me and Tami of "Talking with Tami" 
 (photo by Talking with Tami )

  Instead of making cake balls , I decided to make cake pops  because they would go great with the PJ theme.  Cake pops at a slumber party reminded me of the the slumber parties i had back in the day.

Cake Balls by Nikki

  I made Lemon Pound cake pops and my famous Red Velvet cake pops hand-dipped in confectioner's coating of Vanilla with a touch of Red and Yellow sugar crystals .

Chilli of The Famous Group TLC & VH1 What Chilli Wants

  We had  a great night and I must say, I love my children and my wonderful husband but it was fun getting out and having a little girl talk. Special thanks goes out to Tami thanks for the " Bat Call " I was happy to whip up a batch.

Some Cool A$$ Chics

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

15% off Valentine's Day Cake Balls & Cake Pops

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Cake Balls in Atlanta

This is my first official post. Yay Me !  I started Cake balls by Nikki  last year and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Every since i started creating cake balls in Atlanta as a business, I have met so many wonderful people . I never would have thought my Journey in life would have me starting a business as a pastry chef. Although I don't have formal training, I am a chef according to the definition of the word " Chef” ( Chef: a professional cook) .  Life is so crazy. I moved to Atlanta in 2000 to pursue a dream as a fashion stylist/ designer. I was pretty fly back in the day. I am still fly but I consider myself country cool.  I’m sure you’re wondering what happen to my career in fashion?  Well, after attending Bauder College for one year then transferring to AIU in Buckhead and falling in love I lost my interest in fashion.  Losing my interest for fashion didn’t stop my zeal for business. I have always wanted my own business. That dream started at the age of 12 when me and my cousins use to sell flowers to our neighbors.

  So here I am almost a decade later, making my claim to fame here in Atlanta and hopefully nationwide as a cake ball baker. ( Wow)

I say cake ball baker because I must admit I can't decorate a cake or cupcake worth a D$#. For some strange reason I have paved my little niche in the world in the form of Cake Balls.  I have met Cake Designers artist and pastry chefs who have told me that my Cake balls are the best thing they have ever tasted. I wish you could know how their words touch my heart. 

Although I appreciate all compliments, it means a lot when they say something good about my baking. My best compliments by far are the facial expression I see after someone has taken their first bite of my cake ball creations. I want to say thank you and i am looking forward to serving my cake balls in Atlanta and beyond. Until next time ! Over and out :)